History and premises

It all began with the old spinning mill and the old sawmill in Murg. Where spinning and sawing used to take place, the lofthotel and sagibeiz now invite you in.

Learn more about the history of the two areas and discover the premises of lofthotel and sagibeiz, which have been converted with a lot of heart and soul.


History Old Spinning Mill

The factory site of the old spinning mill, which ceased operations after more than 160 years, has been ceased operations in 1996, new life has emerged in recent years. new life has emerged: Innovative companies, creative minds and cosmopolitan Residents have moved into the former factory and warehouse buildings. Go to Today, the facilities also include a hotel, two restaurants, a tenand event hall, as well as a wellness and fitness area.

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History lofthotel & old spinning mill

Not much is known about Othmar Blumer. But the founder of the Murg spinning mill must have been a brave man: for it took a fair amount of pioneering spirit to build a factory in this difficult-to-access place, wedged between Lake Walen and the cliffs. The operation of this factory was discontinued in 1996 after more than 160 years – and new life sprang up on the site. Because a oday, there are still pioneers in Murg: With an iron will, a lot of heart and soul, and a vision, the couple Esther and Dieter von Ziegler have transformed the old spinning mill into a hotel and habitable lofts. A place with over 175 years of history.


History sagibeiz & old sawmill

During several centuries wood was processed at the Murgbach. In 1937, the Murg spinning mill took over the sawmill. Not because the textile company wanted to diversify, no, the water right on the site was in the foreground, as it allowed the construction of a hydroelectric plant to power the machinery. Because a special servitude was encumbering the area, wood continued to be processed on the site, but always at a loss. In 1963, after a legal dispute with the local municipality, wood processing ceased and the building was used for storage. In the 1980s, Spinnerei Murg AG built a new hydroelectric power plant on the site. The beautiful wooden building served as a warehouse, but its basic structure was preserved. With the closure of the spinning mill in 1996 and the subsequent change of use, a solution also had to be found for the sawmill.

This was found in 2002 in the form of the sagibeiz, an eatery that was provided with a new terrace and has since been further expanded in various investment steps. Today the sagibeiz serves as a perfect location for wonderful occasions and seminars, romantic dinners and with the sagisteg as a starting point for water sports activities.


The lettering of the Sagibeiz

Premises sagiareal

Discover the premises in the sagiareal (old sawmill).


The tower of the Lofthotel Murg in front of the Walensee and the Churfirsten.

Premises lofthotel

Discover the premises in the lofthotel (old spinning mill).


Bird's eye view of the Murg peninsula on Lake Walen in summer.


Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and yet quickly accessible: you can reach Murg from Zurich in just one hour, from Chur and Glarus in just 30 minutes “



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