Press review

In our press review you will find a selection of the latest articles about the lofthotel and the sagibeiz. Read what the press says about us and discover new insights into our offerings.


Book publication

Project E-bikes for rent

E-bikes can now be rented in Murg…


Book publication

Project spice mill

New life is to be breathed into the Landolt Hauser spice mill in Näfels. The family, which has already converted the Murg spinning mill including the “Sagibeiz”, also wants to preserve a piece of industrial building culture in Näfels.


Mrs & Mrs Gulino

A somewhat different wedding in the sagibeiz. Positive, cosmopolitan, modern and with strong images!

Reinvent and invest

A “Corona Guest Column” by Esther von Ziegler, co-owner lofthotel and “Sagibeiz” Murg.


Best practice in Corona times

Liberation from shock: Hoteliers and restaurateurs across the country have been active in recent weeks to defy the crisis with clever actions and measures.


Just dance!

Five times a year, a special party takes place in Murg at the sagisteg: “And the beat goes on…”. Who is behind this idea and what makes the event so successful – the “Sarganserländer” asked the initiators.


Wherever I will be.

Philipp Fankhauser makes a stop in the sagibeiz on his 33 years tour. In the interview, he talks about a joyfully anticipated return.


A pearl in Murg.

Terra Plana, the magazine for culture, history, tourism and economy reports on the old spinning mill in Murg on Lake Walen.



The wedding magazine Switzerland has looked at some lakes for their wedding party suitability and presents in this context the sagibeiz.


Industrial time travel

Cultural venue, lofthotel, museum: When production moves out, there is room for ideas. Swiss industrial buildings are worth the trip. Where exactly this could go, reveals the association “Industriekultour”.


Wedding photoshoot

The wedding feast should express the personality of the bride and groom. Lofthotel and sagisteg served as a location for a photo shoot on the theme “Mix of styles – natural & elegant”.


Music history in the sagibeiz

In the cozy atmosphere of the Murger “sagibeiz”: Anna Rossinelli, Baschi, Maja Brunner, Peter Reber, Ritschi and Trauffer at the recording of “100 % Swiss Music”.


Deep green, petrol blue lake

Nestled between the Churfirsten and the Mürtschenstock region, lies Lake Walen. On a bike tour from Weesen to Walenstadt, the “Fjord of Switzerland” shows itself in ever new light.


Longer-term succession planning

Daniel Grünenfelder complements the Board of Directors and the Executive Board of the
azibene AG as delegate.


"E Tüütschi?!"

You can immortalize your own love story in the NZZ am Sonntag. Among them is the story of Prisca and Thomas, who celebrated their free wedding ceremony with us in the sagibeiz.


Leisure ideas

The Murger Azibene AG with lofthotel, sagibeiz and sagisteg has packed many new ideas into offers suitable for the special situation.

Art in the old sawmill

In the past, chips flew in the “sagibeiz” when whole logs were first debarked and then cut into boards. The material wood has been kept faithful in and around the building. Since a few weeks even wooden sculptures of the Walenstadt artist “live” there…


Floating poetry in Murg

Starting this summer, the old spinning mill in Murg on Lake Walen will be showing works by the important Zurich steel constructor James Licini and photographs by Letizia Enderli for three years. The extensive exhibition provides an in-depth look at the fascinating work of the 1937…


Stop at the sagibeiz.

Maria Walliser takes us by bike on the way from Chur to Altdorf. A stop for dessert at the sagibeiz is, of course, not to be missed.


Rooms for ideas

The lofthotel is presented as a seminar hotel with inspiration. It is a special place where special ideas are born.

Art spinning mills on Lake Walen

Art magazine and APP Artmapp present the lofthotel and seekultour.


Moment of silence

Photos and paintings by Daniel Rohner are on display in Murg until the end of October – an opportunity to encounter the work of the artist from Chur in an unusually extensive show.


Photographic poetry

With Daniel Rohner’s works, photographs from three different cycles move into the premises of the old spinning mill in Murg. The association Seekultour invited to the vernissage.



In Murg on Lake Walen, lofts, studios, a restaurant and a unique hotel have been created from a disused spinning mill – a vision has been realized.


From beautiful even more beautiful

An industrial wasteland could hardly be repurposed in a more sustainable and enjoyable way: The Murg spinning mill has been transformed into a multi-use, historic industrial ensemble.


Light and water worlds

A core team with illustrious names has been formed for the development of the “Light and Water Worlds” initiated by Light Ragaz AG.


Book publication

Where architects stay in the alps. A publication of Braun publishing.

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Fischer Gubser seeks new ways

Hanspeter Gubser is very concerned about the Corona crisis. The sagibeiz supports him and offers homemade Walenseefischknusperli on Mother’s Day weekend.

"Hotel of the Month"

Under the heading “Hotel of the Month”, the current Swiss Magazine devotes two pages to sagibeiz and lofthotel. We are looking forward to many international guests.


Sunday dance

Tanz am sagisteg: Not everyone is enthusiastic about the Sunday music at sagisteg in Murg – in this interview, one of three organizers talks about the background to the event and their motivation.


Governments in Sarganserland.

The government of the Canton of Aargau has traveled to the Canton of St.Gallen for a state visit. This was in response to a visit by St.Gallen two years ago. The final stop was Murg.


Textile treasures in the old spinning mill

Rosmarie Amacher and her association Swiss Textile Collection are committed to ensuring that the memory of the great times of the Swiss textile industry does not fade.

Meet in the picture

With a retrospective of the painter Kurt Oskar Weber, who died in 2011, the Seekultour association is showing around 50 works by a remarkable Swiss artist in the old spinning mill in Murg.


Exhibition of works by Daniel Rohner

The old spinning mill in Murg will host a sound walk through the current exhibition of works by Chur-based photographer Daniel Rohner.


100% Swiss music

In the third edition of the Saturday evening show “100% Swiss Music”, everything revolves around DJ Bobo. Filming took place once again in the sagibeiz.


An unrecognized jewel

Lake Zurich owes its water to Lake Walen, so to speak. SEESICHT, the magazine for living, culture and leisure on Lake Zurich, therefore set out to visit a few special places on the Riviera at the entrance to the Alps.


7 generations spinner

For a long time, cotton threads were spun in the factory in Murg on Lake Walen. In 1996, the machines had to be shut down: Globalization had taken its toll.